The beginning of KORMET company took place in 1908, when the grandfather of the current owner, Józef Koczorowski gained a master diploma of blacksmith.

In 1922 a new public forge was built up, which serves as a foundry of coloured metals till today.

Kazimierz Koczorowski, the son of Józef, gained a master diploma of blacksmith in 1957 and offered services in horse shoeing up to the beginning of the 80-ties.

In order to provide a stockhouse for the forge and a grocery by the house, new rooms were built between a house and the forge, that were seeds of KORMET company a decade later.

Following years of the KORMET business resulted in the enlargement of the production site in 1990 and in the widening of the assortment with very popular Christmas ball’s holders.

In 2008 we celebrated 100th anniversary of the family business run for three generations.